Organic Devotion


What's Inside?

Organic Devotion maintains a high standard and commitment to purity of ingredients. All products contain therapeutic grade aromatics, pure plant and flower extracts in proprietary combinations selected from our Pure Ingredient List. Only the Best essential oils, absolutes, resins, CO2 + organic oils. Nothing Else. Nada. Zip. Zilch. 

What Makes OD Therapeutic?

Aromatherapy is in fact a very effective form of alternative medicine due to the fact that the aromatic compounds of the EO’s hold curative effects. Unlike synthetic oils,  perfumes & colognes, OD blends all hold a vital living essence.  Each oil is made up of numerous chemical constituents that need to be of a certain percentage to create this therapeutic effect. 

OD oils are tested with a GC machine (gas chromotography) and a MS machine (mass spectrometry) to ensure these constituents are in the proper range, free of pesticides, herbicides, foreign chemicals or any other impurities and most importantly that they will provide an actual therapeutic element outside of simply smelling AMAZING. 

How is OD Preserved?

Organic Jojoba Oil base prevents product oxidation, is a natural fungicide {inhibits fungus pores from growing within product}, anti bacterial {bacterias have been proven as unable to live within jojoba oil} Also this silky, quickly absorbed oil mirrors yours skins natural sebum consistency and is non comodegenic. rich + protective = a knight with golden armour

Violet Glass is so dark purple it looks black, reflects harmful rays that degrade contents and lets only light through that increases potency of ingredients within. dark + mysterious with hidden talents = yes please

Application of aromatics using air tight roller ball + droppers with locking closure limit oxidizing air gases from coming in contact with OD aromatic blends. easy + travel friendly = daily addiction

Carrier Case, recycleable, reusable, protects glass + food grade biodegradeable liner ensures oil stays in. good looking + functional = cant live without



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